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Peduzzi Associates, Ltd. is thrilled to announce a transformative partnership with Disaster Tech.

May 13, 2024

Peduzzi Associates, Ltd. (PAL) is thrilled to announce a transformative partnership with Disaster Tech, a veteran-owned innovative public benefit company founded in 2019. At the forefront of leveraging cutting-edge technology to revolutionize disaster response, Disaster Tech offers pioneering solutions that enhance situational awareness, streamline coordination efforts, and expedite recovery operations. 


This collaboration marks a significant milestone in our shared commitment to delivering innovative solutions in disaster management and recovery, as we strengthen our value proposition and broaden our capabilities to better serve our clients. For over 28 years, PAL has successfully connected companies with the Department of Defense, the National Guard, Federal agencies, and Capitol Hill, to get their business developments objectives across the finish line. 


Disaster Tech, under the visionary leadership of co-founders Sean Griffin (CEO) and Roger Coleman (President), provides pioneering solutions that harness the power of artificial intelligence, data analytics, and emerging technologies. Their offerings include training & preparedness, decision science tools, and predictive analytics, utilizing patented AI technology, DisasterGPT™, for risk and resilience practitioners, such as emergency managers/first responders in all sectors at home and around the globe. Users can access real-time cross-sector data for situational awareness and operational coordination and preparedness across multiple hazards such as wildfires, hurricanes, earthquakes, and man-made disasters, all on One Pane of Glass®, via their PRATUS™ platform


Garry Dean, President of Peduzzi Associates, Ltd., expresses his enthusiasm for the partnership: "We are delighted to join forces with Disaster Tech. This collaboration enables us to combine our extensive expertise with Disaster Tech's innovative technologies, empowering us to deliver even more impactful solutions to our first responders, military and communities." 


Sean Griffin, CEO of Disaster Tech, shares his excitement: "Partnering with Peduzzi Associates, Ltd. is a natural fit for Disaster Tech as we share a common vision of utilizing technology for the greater good. Together, we are poised to make a meaningful difference in disaster resilience and recovery efforts at home and abroad." 


We look forward to the synergies and accomplishments that this partnership will bring as we continue to strive for excellence in disaster management. Join us in congratulating both teams on this exciting endeavor! 


For media inquiries and further information, please contact:  


About Disaster Tech: 

Veteran owned small business and public benefit company led by former White House, FEMA, and industry emergency managers and risk professionals.  Comprised of a talented team of engineers, practitioners, scientists, and academics, Disaster Tech works hard to provide you with the most advanced disaster preparedness, response, and resilience tools.  


About Peduzzi Associates, Ltd.: 

Peduzzi Associates, Ltd. (PAL)’s unique value is delivering innovative strategies, unparalleled access, and fierce advocacy for our clients to get their programs and capabilities to those who protect, respond, and defend our Nation, states, and communities. 

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