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Blank Rome Government Relations and Peduzzi Associates LTD Team Up in Synergistic Partnership

Jul 31, 2023

Blank Rome Government Relations LLC (“BRGR”) and Peduzzi Associates LTD (“PAL”) are pleased to announce a strategic partnership that combines BRGR’s robust Capitol Hill network with PAL’s considerable defense procurement contacts to provide complementary and integrated services and value to companies and organizations currently doing, or seeking to do, business with the Department of Defense (“DoD”) and other agencies across the federal sector. This alliance combines the strength of BRGR’s formidable, bipartisan group of top lobbying and strategic communications professionals with PAL’s strong ties to acquisition policy managers at DoD and other government agencies. By combining our capabilities, we can open new doors to key decision makers.

BRGR is a full-service, bipartisan government affairs firm comprised of top lobbying and strategic advocacy professionals seasoned in managing national engagement campaigns. BRGR develops and implements multifaceted strategies to achieve policy and regulatory objectives in the U.S. Congress, state legislatures, and within federal and state agencies, and also provides legislative and regulatory advocacy including analysis, counsel, and liaison.

For over 28 years, PAL has successfully connected companies with the Department of Defense, the National Guard, federal agencies, and Capitol Hill. PAL’s primary goal is to support its clients in achieving their business development objectives by providing them with innovative approaches, unparalleled access, and focused, effective strategy. PAL is dedicated to ensuring that its clients’ mission systems, capabilities, and services are acquired and effectively utilized to protect the United States and its allies both domestically and abroad.

This partnership marks a significant milestone for both BRGR and PAL, starting a new chapter of growth as we work together to deliver predominant value, forge lasting relationships, and drive positive outcomes for the companies and organizations we serve. With the PAL-BRGR alliance, we offer a virtual “one-stop shop” where our thorough understanding of major legislative developments and outcomes on Capitol Hill is integrated with goals and opportunities in federal procurement and contracting to create a wholistic, comprehensive strategy for success.


“The BRGR team’s understanding of complex legislative and policy matters, combined with PAL’s seasoned team of former senior military officers, project managers, lobbyists, and strategic thinkers, will prove to be a valuable asset to our clients seeking guidance on critical procurement issues. Furthermore, our reputation for thought leadership and staying ahead of acquisition trends aligns seamlessly with PAL’s commitment to anticipating clients’ needs and providing up-to-date insights and strategies. This wealth of knowledge will enable us to deliver even more informed and comprehensive solutions to further our clients’ success,” said C.J. Zane, Managing Principal of Blank Rome Government Relations.

“We are excited to embark on this journey with Blank Rome Government Relations and are confident that our partnership will bring about transformative results for our clients. With shared values, a commitment to excellence, and a dedication to serving our clients’ best interests, we look forward to the endless possibilities this partnership holds,” said Garry C. Dean, Maj Gen (R), President of Peduzzi Associates LTD.

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