Peduzzi Associates, Ltd.

What We Do

Business Development

Peduzzi Associates, Ltd. (PAL) is a professional services firm providing business development services for companies currently engaged in, or seeking to do, business with the Departments of Defense and Homeland Security, National Guard, or other Federal, State and Local government agencies. We offer an extensive range of services to our clients including Washington representation, government relations, government marketing, business development, and strategic planning. PAL has far-reaching experience in government acquisition and procurement procedures.

Our clients represent a cross-section of industries that include aircraft and engine manufacturing, digitization, medical technology, systems integration, maintenance and modification providing goods and services to Federal, State and Local governments.

Our forté is service to those corporations — large and small — that do not have a Washington office, as well as companies in need of specific business development support to compliment their Washington presence. We not only develop plans to add value to our clients, but execute approved plans in coordination with our clients' efforts.

These services are critical in times of budget constraints, changing policy directions, and industry downsizing.


PAL provides expert training and instruction, as well as Management, Organizational, and Business Improvement Services (MOBIS). We will assist you in all aspects of organizational improvement and transformation, assessing your organization today, developing a vision and strategic plan for the future, managing the change necessary to implement that plan, measuring progress toward achievement of that vision, and facilitating improvement, redesign, or reengineering of your processes.

Our expert facilitation and related decision support services maximize your efforts to establish and conduct collaborative business sessions of any kind — working groups or integrated product, process, or self-directed teams. This is enhanced by our understanding of the organization, operations, and mission of Agencies in the Federal Government.

PAL’s highly qualified professionals deliver strategic, tactical, and operational level planning support; assessments and studies of potential privatization initiatives; development of Quality Assurance Surveillance Plans and performance of management studies to determine the Government's Most Efficient Organization (MEO).

We provide program integration and project management services which includes program and project management; program integration and program oversight; project requirements development and analysis; project risk and procurement management; and program acquisition strategy development.

Our Master Instructors train U.S. Government officials how to diplomatically and securely operate and interact in the international environment. If your company operates overseas, we will expertly assist you in preparing your personnel to live and operate effectively and safely in any environment.

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